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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is defined as a mental health condition triggered by a traumatic event. A person can develop PTSD after having experienced or witnessed a traumatic and often life-threatening event in their life. One of the most common causes of this condition today is domestic violence.

Just ten years ago, domestic violence victims did not have nearly as much help available as they do today. With both social and medical help available, victims of domestic violence have many opportunities to get help, both during and after such a traumatic incident. And with research studies and anecdotal evidence of the positive effects of CBD oil on PTSD sufferers, there is now also natural ways to manage the stress caused by trauma.


Cannabis oil with CBD

The use of cannabis oil with CBD for mental health issues is by no means a new discovery. In South Africa, cannabis (or “dagga”) was commonly used in traditional foods for its locally recognised health-boosting effects. In the first half of the 20th century, cannabis was highly valued in spite of its illegal status. Today, cannabis use is legal for personal consumption in South Africa.

We have come a long way as a global society and are now seeing a widespread acceptance of cannabis as a therapeutic and even medicinal plant. The traditional use of cannabis for health is no longer a thing of the past, as more and more people are using CBD oil to treat and manage a long line of symptoms and diseases. And as the demand for cannabis oil with CBD is on the rise, so is the interest of companies looking to establish local cannabis productions and of national governments finally coming to terms with the fact that the public wants natural treatment options for their health conditions.

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CBD oil for PTSD

One of the health conditions on which research on cannabis, and particularly CBD, has shown promise is PTSD. A patients who has experienced a traumatic event is often sensitive to uncertain or stressful situations, which leave them prone to reexperiencing the event that triggered their PTSD. As they try to avoid this repeated image, they are at risk of further stressing themselves and moreover also mood or personality alterations, difficulties focusing or memory problems.

The stress levels of PTSD patients is high, as their senses tend to always be on high alert. As such, the calming effect of CBD can help. The main effects of CBD is often described by users as calming and relaxing, which is a type of feeling that PTSD patients can have a hard time finding on their own. This natural compound has shown to have both calming, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, which in a mental state of high alertness and stress can be very healthy for both body and mind.

As such, CBD oil for PTSD is a very viable option.


Natural vs pharmaceutical relief

Unfortunately, cannabis oil with CBD is not universally accepted as a therapeutic remedy for PTSD or other health disorders. This is due to the illegal status of its origin, the cannabis plant. This means that CBD is not an available option for those with PTSD, even though it is commonly known within medicine that there exists no specialised treatment for PTSD.

Yet, doctors are not shy of prescribing antidepressants or other SSRI medicines, in order to control the stress and depression that often occurs in patients with PTSD. However, such treatments are not always successful and certainly not without their fair share of risks. SSRIs can cause agitation and anxiety, as well as a line of physical symptoms, which can leave the patient feeling more sick than before. And interestingly, the success rate of SSRIs is deemed to largely be due to the placebo effect, rather than the active chemical agent in the medicine itself.

As such, a natural alternative to PTSD treatments is welcomed by those patients who experience adverse side effects to pharmaceutical treatments or who may feel no relief from such treatments at all.

As opposed to SSRIs, CBD oil is completely natural. It contains no psychoactive compounds, which means that it cannot cause any type of “high” as commonly associated with cannabis. Instead, PTSD patients report of feeling calm and relaxed when using CBD oil, which is a reaction that has a very natural explanation.

With the discovery of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the body’s therapeutic hotspot was localised. The ECS plays an important role in the balanced regulation of a long line of bodily functions, such as appetite, pain response and mood. One of the compounds that the body’s ECS is able to produce is anandamide, also called “the happy molecule”. This endocannabinoid (“inner cannabinoid”) is needed in order for our bodies to function optimally, making us feel ready to deal with any emotional or bodily turmoil.

As such, when the ECS is out of balance (i.e. not producing adamant amounts of anandamide), we are more prone to stress; both bodily and mental stress. This can cause a weakening of our immune system, but can also cause depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Although PTSD is not caused by an ECS imbalance (also known as an endocannabinoid deficiency), then a person with PTSD does have lower levels of “the happy molecule”. This means that they can have a harder time dealing with tough situations than do those with a well-balanced ECS.

For PTSD patients, CBD can help them deal with the tough situations and even calm them down in stressful environments, because of its calming effects that are very similar to the body’s own “happy molecule”, anandamide. This is why so many patients report of CBD oil being a great alternative treatment for their PTSD.

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CBD oil for sleep issues, stress and anxiety

The use of CBD oil stretches beyond its imitation of the body’s own “happy molecule”. In fast, a long line of research, studies and experiences of PTSD patients and cannabis has shown that the use of CBD oil is a viable treatment option for posttraumatic stress, according to Martin Lee. His psychedelic studies (MAPS) have shown significant results.

According to his observations, the use of CBD drastically reduced anxiety levels in patients with PTSD. Moreover, his studies indicate that cannabis as a therapeutic agent is a well-tolerated and safe alternative treatment option that produce no psychoactive or mind-altering effects whatsoever. As such, he deems CBD to be a completely safe treatment option for PTSD sufferers.

Since the use of CBD oil is associated with the many beneficial effects mentioned above, it is not unexpected to conclude that the research on cannabis oil for the therapeutic treatment of PTSD is looking very positive indeed.


CBD oil – an incredible and natural alternative

Due to the high concentration of CBD in hemp oil (up to 30%), CBD Hemp Oil is a natural and effective option for PTSD sufferers. And research confirms this premise. A review of the published research done on CBD’s potential has shown that it has a beneficial effect on generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, PTSD, social anxiety, and OCD. While such studies do confirm the effectiveness of CBD on the treatment of PTSD and other anxiety disorders, the review only evaluated acute responses to CBD. This signifies the importance of more research on the long-term benefits of CBD in PTSD patients.

However, research published by the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry does confirm that PTSD patients have lower concentrations of anandamide in their blood.

Even though CBD does not directly affect the same receptors in the nervous system that the body’s own “happy molecule” does, research does show that CBD helps the body produce this molecule. This explains how CBD can help people with PTSD overcome their condition and lead a more normal everyday life.

As such, CBD can be a natural alternative for PTSD patients to help their bodies find its balance again.

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