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CBD oil has taken the scientific world by storm. This is indisputable. The natural compound has already had a positive impact on many people’s lives and has for some even become an invaluable part of their day-to-day routine. In this article, we will delve into the topic of CBD for anxiety.


Many live with an anxiety disorder

Anxiety is a normal reaction to certain situations, but when the frequency of such responses starts affecting a person’s quality of life, this negative state of mind can evolve into a serious health issue.

Some people experience anxiety on a daily level. An overactive and negative response, such as anxiety, to daily tasks can completely deactivate a person; or, in other words, make the person feel incapable of completing simple tasks and generally leading a normal life. In severe cases, this can have detrimental effects on the health and wellbeing of a person suffering from anxiety.

Physiologically, anxiety is an innate expression of fear, worry or restlessness. When such responses relate to common tasks, such as challenges in school, at work or in everyday life, the symptoms can become more severe. As such, anxiety can become a constant fear of being judged by others and manifest in several ways, including symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, increased sweat production, flushing of the skin, becoming easily agitated and finding social interactions difficult to handle, as well as digestive issues.

For some, anxiety can come out of the blue. They can suffer brief panic attacks or intense moments of severe anxiety. For others, the anxiety is ever-present; like a constant feeling of unease and apprehension that has hijacked the conscious mind.

Anxiety is a feeling that the majority of people will feel at some point in their life, but if feelings of anxiety starts inhibiting the normal day-to-day life of a person, it may become a serious health issue. It is therefore important to look for the primary signs of an anxiety disorder, namely sleep issues, an inability to maintain personal relations or a decreased capacity for staying productive at work or school.


The risks of anxiety

In the UK alone, 13% of the population will develop some form of anxiety in their lifetime, while approximately 8 million people currently live with an anxiety disorder. This is a number that is only going up, with a 12.8% rise in anxiety diagnoses over the past 14 years.

Unfortunately, research shows that if left untreated, anxiety can lead to depression, premature death and suicide. In spite of these serious health risks, far too many anxiety patients experience that their prescription medicines do not manage their condition in the long run.

When a person is diagnosed with anxiety, they are often given antidepressants to manage the condition. Such medicines include Prozac and Xanax (an anxiolytic), but psychotherapy is also a prescribed treatment for anxiety. Though psychotherapy is not harmful, antidepressants and anxiolytics have a wide range of unwanted side effects and associated risks, which are certainly not unheard of today. But no matter the means and their consequences, people with anxiety disorders need help and there is a growing need for these health conditions to be minimised.

According to a study performed by the University of Hertfordshire, anxiety disorders cost £9.8 billion a year, which highlights the importance of finding proper anxiety relief for the millions of sufferers.


A renewed hope: CBD for anxiety

There is new hope to be found for people with anxiety, and it is as natural as it is safe and effective: CBD oil. CBD is a non-psychoactive type of cannabinoids, extracted from the cannabis plant and transformed into an oil. This oil is easy for the body to absorb and contains plenty of CBD, which has been shown to have a wide range of beneficial effects on the body.

In recent studies, researchers have found CBD to have the same properties as antidepressants and anxiolytics, but without any of the associated risks of these types of prescription medicines.

Furthermore, research done on test animals has shown that CBD oil has a positive effect on animal models in stressful situations, particularly anxiety-related stress. The results showed that CBD oil was able to significantly reduce anxiety and that the animal models were able to find ease of mind, in spite of the fact that they were exposed to several external stress stimuli that provoked anxious responses.

Let us have a closer look at the research on CBD’s effects on anxiety.


CBD for social anxiety and phobias

Social anxiety disorder is a condition that provokes an irrational fear of social interactions in a person, because he or she is afraid of what others might be thinking or saying about them.

The role of CBD oil on a wide range of mood disorders have been researched for some time. This has made it possible for scientists to determine that cannabidiol is very effective on social anxiety and phobias, as they have observed several people with these conditions as they started a CBD regimen.


Research on social phobias

Do you know the most common situation, in which people experience feelings of anxiety?

Believe it or not, but for many, public speaking can trigger a high level of anxiety.

Cold sweats. Dry throat. Increased heart rate. Trembling knees. All signs of anxiety that can affect anyone just before they have to give a speech, deliver a presentation, do a performance or in some way present themselves in front of a (large) group of people.

The same signs occur in people with social phobia, but for them, the size of the crowd does not matter; it is the situation of being surrounded by strangers (no matter how few) that provokes an anxious response within them.

Researchers have discovered that CBD oil administered before a such event can reduce the occurrence of discomfort, anxiety and weaknesses of cognitive abilities significantly. This enables a person to perform a task that would normally provoke an anxious response with fewer difficulties than they could before the administration of CBD oil.

These results were furthermore compared to a control group, where people were given a placebo. This group showed much higher levels of anxiety and discomfort than did the group that received CBD oil. The CBD oil group remained more calm ahead of anxiety-provoking situations and were able to complete the task at hand with more ease.

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More research on CBD oil for anxiety

Although studies on CBD for anxiety has mainly focused on animals, the possibility of the same results being seen in humans has inspired many people to try CBD oil for the management and control of their anxieties.

Many of those that have tried CBD oil for anxiety are more than satisfied by its effect and by its potential as a natural remedy, acknowledged by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as being completely safe.


Reviews and opinions on CBD oil

More research is needed to fully understand the effects of CBD on anxiety, but from the scientific research done so far, it has been discovered that CBD oil increases the serotonin-uptake through the 5-HT1A receptor, inducing a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Studies have even shown that CBD oil works faster than commonly used antidepressants. This means that CBD oil can be the most sensible, healthy and natural alternative for people with anxieties, which is not unlikely to surpass the use and limitations of traditional treatment options available today.

A recent study

A group of 10 people diagnosed with social anxiety disorder were recruited for a study on the blood flow to a range of different areas of the brain. Half of the group were given CBD oil, while the remaining group were given a placebo.

According to the results of the study, the group that was given CBD oil showed a reduction in their anxiety and also an increased blood flow to the areas of the brain involved in anti-anxiety responses.

Studies on mice also show promising results

In studies on mice, the results show that while reducing anxiety, CBD oil is also capable of stimulating the regeneration of neurons in the hippocampus. This can be extremely useful in the management and prevention of depression and/or anxiety.

The promising results from animal studies represent a viable next step: to test the effects of CBD oil on people in order to determine if the cannabinoid can reduce symptoms of anxiety. Such studies have already started, and though they are just in the beginning stages, the results are already promising. CBD oil is actually able to reduce anxiety and promote a calm and relaxing state of mind.

This is an extraordinary find for the many that have issues relating to stress, panic attacks or anxiety, triggered by a wide range of causes. With the promising help of CBD oil, many of these people would be able to reduce the occurrences of anxious responses as well as other unwanted emotional and mental states, giving them an improved quality of life.


CBD neutralises the effects of THC

Most studies on CBD have so far been comparative, which means that the role of CBD has been studied in comparison to the role of other cannabinoids. More specifically, CBD has been compared to the effects of THC, which is the most well-known cannabinoid from the cannabis plant.

Even though THC has many beneficial effects, it is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Moreover, THC can also worsen anxiety responses.

In spite of studies on CBD being deemed as insufficient proof of the cannabinoid’s anti-anxiety effects, a large percentage of professionals now recognise that there is proof of CBD’s beneficial abilities on anxiety and regard this proof as adequate to warrant a possible treatment using CBD.



All the recent results do represent a need for further research, because in spite of the many benefits being uncovered about CBD, scientists are still uncertain about the mechanisms behind these benefits. Frankly, they do not know why CBD reduces anxiety and how it affects our brains.

However, in countries where CBD products are legal, many people enjoy the benefits of CBD oil without much concern. Meanwhile, in countries where the use of CBD oil (for unknown and illogical reasons) is still prohibited in spite of a stamp of approval from the WHO, a large number of people are still awaiting the official acknowledge of CBD from the scientific community.

In other words, it is only a question of time before scientists around the world become convinced of the antianxiety and antidepressant properties of CBD oil

It is astonishing that such incredible effects can be found within a plant. It is a plant that can provide so many people with relief, and give them a life free from stress, fear, worry, panic, anxiety, and a long range of other negative feelings that can have detrimental impacts on the quality of one’s life.

In the light of the above, it is safe to say that CBD has earned its worth as a possible treatment for anxiety and other social disorders.

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