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Parkinson’s Disease is a condition that unavoidably affects the brain. It is neurodegenerative, which means that the condition slowly, but progressively, destroys brain cells. Because the affected area of the brain is closely connected to motor control, Parkinson’s patients often experience tremors, loss of balance, muscle stiffness, sleep issues, and slow or uncontrollable movements of limbs. The disease is normally observed in the elderly, with the average age of diagnoses being 57-years-old.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how CBD oil for Parkinson’s is increasingly popular.


A promising treatment option

When Parkinson’s first manifests, the symptoms are easily mistaken for common signs of aging, such as muscle weakness. However as the disease progresses, the diagnosis become evident. Although there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, it has recently been discovered that CBD oil may just have a beneficial effect for the relief and management of symptoms. As such, CBD can offer an improved quality of life for the people affected by Parkinson’s.

The saddest part about Parkinson’s is perhaps that it is not limited by age. Although most patients are men above the age of 50 when the first onset of the disease is identified, the disease can affect anyone. For seniors, Parkinson’s is the second most common neurological disease after Alzheimer’s, but no matter the age of the patient, all people with Parkinson’s risk feeling trapped in their own body, incapable of taking care of themselves and feeling their quality of life slipping away.

As such, it is crucial for patients to find a treatment option, which can help improve their condition and slow its progression as early as possible. Unfortunately, the common treatments for severe neurological diseases often involves a long line of adverse side effects, which is why CBD oil shows great promise as a natural treatment alternative without adverse or harmful side effects involved.

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The role of dopamine in Parkinson’s disease

The reason why CBD shows great promise is its close connection to the physiological functions of the body. People with Parkinson’s often experience physical, cognitive and psychological symptoms and as the disease progresses, the lack of motor control becomes more evident. This happens because 60-80% of the neurons that produce dopamine get destroyed.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the human brain, which is responsible for the transference of information among neurons. This function helps regulate various functions, such as motor control and emotional responses.

When the neurons that produce dopamine cease to exist, a person with Parkinson’s may experience muscle stiffness, decreased mobility, slower movements, weakened balance, coordination problems, and tremors in arms, legs, hands or jaw.

Unfortunately, these are not the only symptoms that occur due to low dopamine levels. People may also lose their natural facial expressions or experience moments of dementia, lethargy, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, fear, or cognitive changes. Many Parkinson’s patients have shown to improve these symptoms by their use of CBD oil.


The studies on CBD for Parkinson’s have only just begun

Research now show that CBD acts as an “inverse agonist” when it meets a specific protein receptor by the name of GPR6. As such, it can help stimulate the production of the much-needed dopamine. Through this stimulation, CBD can help slow the progression of Parkinson’s and make its symptoms easier to handle, suggesting a new therapeutic use of CBD for the disease.

The fact that CBD is a potent antioxidant with neuroprotective properties is the exact reason why it has valuable potential for patients with severe neurological conditions, as proven by preclinical trials. In addition to improving motor control, CBD has also shown promise for the reduction of anxiety, depression and pain, which is associated with the progression of Parkinson’s and the disease’s adverse effects on the quality of people’s lives.

According to research, conditions such as anxiety and depression are frequent among Parkinson’s patients. About 40% develop anxiety disorders as a result of the disease and 60% become depressed to some degree and severity, ranging from mild depression to severe and chronic states of despair. It is presumes that the chemical changes in the brain due to the neurodegenerative nature of the disease is responsible for these emotional and personality changes.

Currently, medical evidence on the use and effectiveness of CBD for Parkinson’s is limited, mainly due to the illogical ban on cannabis and its derivatives.

However, CBD has been used to reduce depression and improve the mentality for several years, no matter the underlying cause. Through personal stories and anecdotal evidence, CBD has proven to be a natural alternative treatment for anxiety, thus reducing the discomfort and cognitive weaknesses often felt by Parkinson’s patients. And when used during the early stages of this progressive disease, cannabis oil with CBD has also shown neuroprotective capabilities, protecting the neurons in the brain from further damage.

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The right diet plays a vital role

Though CBD has shown great potential as a natural treatment alternative, research on Parkinson’s has also discovered that an imbalanced digestion can increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. This happens, because certain microbes in the digestive system releases toxins, which can cause damage to the mitochondria; the power storage for the cells in our bodies.

Without mitochondrion to release energy to the cells, they are unable to repair themselves and thus end up dying quickly. This process is what can lead to more severe cases of Parkinson’s Disease. Knowing about the close connection between gut bacteria and the onset of Parkinson’s, the right dietary choices can help you manipulate your body into stopping the development of the disease at an early stage.

A diet rich in fermented foods and probiotics (lactic acid bacteria) can help keep the mitochondria healthy, by creating a flourishing environment in the digestive tracts. This is also helpful to prevent or ease conditions such as constipation and anxiety, which are often seen in Parkinson’s patients.


Conclusion: CBD oil for Parkinson’s disease

While CBD oil does not offer a cure for Parkinson’s, it can help mitigate an improvement of the disease and strengthen the body for its fight against the adverse symptoms of Parkinson’s. This signifies the need for more research and more human studies to be conducted, in order to facilitate the acceptance and availability of CBD oil for Parkinson’s patients. After all, if CBD oil has just the slightest chance of improving these patients’ lives, especially due to the neurological changes that can severely affect their ability to lead a decent life without the need for outside help with daily tasks, is it not worth exploring further?

CBD oil can possibly help create more life value and a greater feeling of self-worth among Parkinson’s patients, while also help improve their morals by managing feelings depression, stress and anxiety. CBD also offers people the opportunity to sleep better and be more active in their waking hours, also through the reduction of pain and inflammations, thus improving their mobility.

Until there is a definitive cure for Parkinson’s Disease, then CBD oil offers a beneficial alternative route to an improved quality of life, which is more than welcomed by patients with this condition. After all, CBD oil is completely safe to use, as it has no psychoactive effect whatsoever. As such, you cannot get “high” or “stoned” from using CBD, which is an important fact to mention. Actually, CBD has the opposite effect: it soothes and relaxes the mind, providing a calm feeling and thus making it useful for the reduction of mental stress.

Even though further research is needed to fully understand the calming, neuroprotective, and many other beneficial properties of CBD, there is no denying the positive results experienced by several people all over the world. And though there is no guarantee that CBD oil will work for you, then it is certain that you will never know until you try. Just remember; it is completely safe, which is why we believe it should be available as an alternative treatment option for anyone willing to give it a try – as soon as possible.

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