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EDOA Hand Soap – 300ml


EDOA Hand Soap – 300ml

EDOA fluid Hand Soap cleans and protects the skin on your hands effectively and ensures the correct degree of hydration. The soap has calming properties, which makes it ideal for those with skin issues. The hand soap leaves a subtle, fresh scent of nettle, and softens and smoothes the skin on the hands.

The product is intended for daily skin care and is dermatologically tested on people with sensitive skin.

Contains 300ml

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  • Hemp oil: Effectively hydrates and nourishes the skin. Has anti-inflammatory properties. Soothes irritated skin, accelerates its regeneration and supports the restoration of the epidermis
  • Collagen: Accelerates the skin’s regeneration, increases its elasticity and slows down the aging process
  • D-panthenol: Has a soothing effect, which makes the soap ideal for dry and sensitive skin
  • How to use: Apply a small amount of soap on your hands, let it foam as you wash them and rinse thoroughly
  • Capacity: 300ml


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