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There is a good argument for the use of cannabis oil as a dietary supplement. Cannabis oil containing CBD can strengthen and rebuild the immune system, making humans (and all vertebrae animals) resistant to disease, because it helps boost the body’s natural defence system.

This is because studies have found that cannabis oil containing CBD can help our immune system’s defence by bringing it into balance through the stimulation of our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS consists of a group of neuromodulating lipids and receptors in the brain, which are also involved in the physiological regulation of appetite, pain, mood and memory. Further studies have also found that through the stimulation of the ECS, CBD oil has neuroprotective abilities because it contains natural compounds (known as cannabinoids) from the cannabis plant.


The immune system and its importance for our health

Our body’s natural defence (the immune system) protects us against the viruses and bacteria that try to attack it and make us sick. Although the cells of the immune system consist of natural bacteria itself, the system as a whole works hard to keep out all external threats that could potentially harm the body. The cells are constantly on guard to keep intruders out, which in some cases can put quite a lot of stress on the body – and when overworked, the immune system can actually become weakened and thereby bring the body into a state of imbalance.

A healthy immune system comes from a healthy and balanced diet. This is nothing new. To keep the body in shape, it needs a diverse supply of nutrients, such as vitamins. Vitamins are important, because the body uses them to build the cells of its immune system, as well as keeping it alert and functioning.

Regular exercise is also an important aspect of maintaining a strong immune system, because exercise increases the production of white blood cells, T cells, B cells and also improves cytokine functions – all of which are essential parts of the immune system.

Regular exercise, just like a healthy diet, help improve and protect the immune system, which can potentially create a defence mechanism that is practically impenetrable.


The importance of mental health and sleep

However, there is more to a healthy immune system than just taking care of your physical health. The state of our mental health also has a great influence on the strength of our immune system.

To keep our immune system strong, it is important to cater to our mental health, and regular exercise is also an important aspect of our mental health. Something as simple as a long walk, particularly if you walk through a piece of nature, can immensely improve both our mood as well as our physical and mental health – all of which strengthens the immune system.

Furthermore, a good state of mental health can counter the impact of stress from our surroundings. A growing number of people in the world experience stress on a regular basis, and this increased mental pressure can cause diseases, just as well as poor lifestyle choices can make us sick. Stress and poor diet/lack of exercise can often have a spiralling effect on our mental health, which is why it is incredibly important to take care of yourself and avoid stress, or at least to manage your stress levels.

One way of managing stress and improving your mental health can be through sleep. A rested body is much more capable of dealing with day-to-day life than a stressed body, because it is during sleep that the body processes the information of the day and recharges for the day to come. When our sleep is disturbed, we are more prone to stress, because yesterday’s information has not been “cleared out” of our heads. Unfortunately, stress can also impact the amount and quality of sleep. This is why it is incredibly important to recognize the signs of stress early (such as disturbed sleep cycles) in order to take good care of your mental health. In fact, the quality of your sleep is among the most important factors of a well-functioning body and mind.

Adults need 6-9 hours of sleep every night, but the amount of time spent in bed is not necessarily proportional to hours of sleep. Poor sleep or a lack of it is commonly due to poor diet choices, such as the consumption of caffeine, alcohol or foods high in fat just before bed, which highlights the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. And one part of a healthy diet for improved sleep that is often forgotten is a daily intake of water to balance the body’s hydration levels.

Sleep deprivation is a disorder that is often linked to stress, but a short period of poor sleep does not equate high stress levels. However, short-term sleep deprivation can affect your ability to focus and perform as you usually do. Meanwhile, medium- and long-term sleep deprivation can have severe consequences on your health, such as the increased risk of physical ailments like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and a general weakening of the immune system.

As such, sleep has as great a significance to our mental and physical health as do exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

Daily health in numbers:

  • 37 percent of Brits feel they do not get enough sleep
  • 85 percent of adults in the UK experience stress regularly, while 39 percent feel too stressed on a daily basis
  • 526,000 workers in the UK suffer from stress, depression or anxiety
  • 12.5 million working days were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety in the UK (2016/2017)
  • 54 percent of Brits worry about the impact of stress on their health
  • 32 percent of Brits use exercise to manage their stress


Cannabis oil can help improve the body’s balance

At EDOA, we believe that a balanced body leads to a balanced mind. This is because a balanced body  enables the immune system and all its functions to be at their best, which in turn has a positive effect on our mood and mental health.

Medical research, several studies and anecdotal evidence have long supported the idea that cannabis oil with high levels of CBD can have a positive impact on our health through the oil’s ability to bring peace to the body and thereby achieve a good night’s sleep. We have had many people tell us about how their quality of sleep has improved since they started using CBD oil, and some have even reported a significant improvement of their sleep issues and disorders.

Studies have also found that cannabis oil with high levels of CBD can improve mood and memory, because of its impact on the endocannabinoid system. For this reason, CBD can be a natural alternative to many of the OTC and prescription medicines for stress that are prescribed to people with stress or other mental health issues.

Our ECS is a system that works best when in balance. It influences the regulation of our mood, appetite, pain perception and many other physiological functions that affect our daily lives. The ECS is stimulated and strengthened by cannabis oil, because the cannabinoids in cannabis matches the endocannabinoids in our ECS. When the ECS is stressed or otherwise “out of order”, cannabis oil can be a natural way to rebalance this system and bring about peace, strength and relief.

Because of the natural connection between cannabis oil and our ECS, many people who use CBD have attested to its positive effects on pain management. Furthermore, the thoroughly studied anti-inflammatory effects of CBD has helped many sufferers of arthritis, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions counter inflammations and bring peace, balance and health to both their mental and physical bodies.

For many people, cannabis oil with high levels of CBD has proven to be a natural and effective alternative to conventional medicines, and in countries with legal access to CBD oils, the intake of prescription pain medicines has dropped, while other countries (without legal access to cannabis oil) has seen a steady increase in these numbers.

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The international recognition of CBD

In 2016, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised hemp, a precursor to cannabis oil, as a food with an optimal content of fatty acids; an ideal balance of 3:1 of Omega 3s and 6s. This balanced content is thought to be ideal for the improvement of health and the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, depression and heart disease.

Early studies on hemp, and particularly its cannabinoid CBD, have also found the plant to have affects on neurogenesis and neurodegeneration (the creation and death of brain cells and nerve tissue), which both play an important part in the health of our immune system. Although these studies have so far only been conducted on test animals, they represent great promise for CBD and hemp oil as natural treatment options for people who have suffered from head injury, stroke or cerebral ischemia and atrophy.

The effects of cannabis and CBD oils are very individual and highly depends on the body’s ability to absorb the beneficial compounds (cannabinoids) of the plant. Factors such as weight, height, age, exercise level and dietary choices influence this absorption, which account for why some may feel the effects immediately, while others never feel a thing.

Naturally, more studies are needed on the effects, uses and experiences with cannabis oil, but the wider public seem to be opening their eyes to the potential of cannabis oil high in CBD. This is a trend that is undoubtedly spreading on a global level.

A balanced body often equates a stronger immune system that helps keep diseases at bay. And with the growing amount of research studies into the benefits of cannabis oil, the theory that cannabinoids from the cannabis plant has a beneficial affect on the body’s balance is growing stronger. We know that regular exercise, a healthy diet and a good night’s sleep can go a long way in keeping our minds and bodies healthy and balanced, but we also believe that an added supplement in the form of an ideal balance between nutrients can improve this balance even further.

So whether it is for your mental or physical health – or just as a preventative measure – CBD oil might just be the natural solution to a balanced and strong immune system.

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